Bringing the Community Together with the Power of Music

Together We Stand was founded in Fairbanks, Alaska by visionaries Anthony and Louise Buie, in 2001 following the 911 terror attacks on our country. What began as a vision inspired by God to bring the Fairbanks community together for a time of reflection and healing, strategically evolved into one of the most anticipated annually supported gospel events in the Fairbanks community.

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In 2004 more than 2000 supporters would pack the Carlson Center where the first gospel fest was held; the event showcased various community church choirs, quartets, soloists, and native dancers; it was a huge success. The annual gospel event would continue to impact the community over the next few years in a similar fashion, becoming one of Fairbanks’s major attractions.

Has the country began to heal from the events surrounding the terror attacks, the Buie

What We Are?

We are a nonprofit 501.3c that actively serves to CRAM (Connect, Relief Work, Activate, Motivate) Excellence within Local Communities. Together WE Stand with other nonprofit and for-profit organizations who believe-in Self-Sustainment & Self-Development. Our goal is to Partner so that WE can campaign quarterly to prevent homelessness by opening paths for people to advantage the beautiful life America has to offer. We can do this!!! 

How We Serve

Improving lives with Community Service is what we do. We do a variety of projects; if you have a preference for how to help others, its best to sign up on our WE Community Service List for the latest project details. Nonetheless, here goes a few examples of the most benefits of volunteering:


Help People while improving your network and experience level. You should do this!


Your Investment will plant a seed that will Blossom in someone. Be a Blessing to Bless!


Be a collaborator to help us Identify, Solve, and Improve Together. We would do this!

Social Media Skills

Volunteering gives you a chance to talk to new people and sharpen your Social Media Skills.  Using social skills, like active listening and relationship management, will help develop your future personal and business relationships.

Increase Your Community

Volunteering is a great way to meet new friends and strengthen existing connections.  As a volunteer, you’ll typically interact with people from diverse backgrounds, which allows you to learn other perspectives.


Your company can provide and be recognized for helping a specific project. Why not do this!

Boost Self-Esteem

Doing something you feel is worthwhile and valuable for your community, gives you a sense of accomplishment.   Get involved Today!


now is the time...
to put the cross before the flag

Two of the most powerful symbols in America are the American Flag and the Christian Cross. This is Together We Stand Ministry logo that has copyright & registered in the Library of Congress. 
Our goal is to put God back in front of America. We are seeking people who still believe in God and country. We believe Americans will support the meaning of the Cross and the Flag to help the homeless. Many of the homeless are displaced, Veterans.

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