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The P.U.S.H. “ Initiative

P - Providing U - Unfortunate S - Souls H - Housing

“America Standing together for a Miracle of Kindness”

“America Standing together for a Miracle of Kindness” is a supportive program, uniting people that believe in the principles of God and Country, which our nation was founded upon.

Two of the most powerful symbols in America are the American Flag and the Christian Cross. This is Together We Stand Ministry logo that has copyright & registered in the Library of Congress. 
Our goal is to put God back in front of America. We are seeking people who still believe in God and country. We believe Americans will support the meaning of the Cross and the Flag to help the homeless. Many of the homeless are displaced, Veterans.
There are 247 million Christians in America today. Our goal is to sell 1 million pins at $5 each. Our challenge is a marketing campaign to reach those people that want to help a retired veteran & our team of volunteers and YOU to be a blessing to the homeless shelters in Kentucky and other cities across America.

​Together We Stand was founded in 2004 and became a 501C3 and registered with Dun and Bradstreet.


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